Frederic Hansen

at Click Performance

Frederic Hansen is the COO of Click Performance Group, a consulting firm specialized in the successful monetization of websites. In this new era of programmatic and native advertising, Frederic and his team are guiding publishers around the globe through the challenges and opportunities of monetizing their platforms through online advertising.

Frederic has gained valuable internet experience during many years of hands-on work, starting as an Internet entrepreneur at the age of 16. After his consulting business was acquired by Click Performance Group in 2012, he began to successfully assist publishers from many industries in leading roles and became the company’s COO in 2015.

Frederic graduated with honors from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, majoring in managerial economics and marketing. He’s earned academic recognition for his thesis about the profitability of transaction brokerage platforms in the online marketing landscape. He also serves on the board of directors of PubStream, a revenue analytics startup.