Marc Nieman

Agile Coach at Wemanity

Agile Coach at Wemanity. Management 3.0 licensed facilitator.

Marc believes in the power of people, creativity and collaboration; the ability to achieve amazing things when engaged and committed people  come together!

Unfortunately, too often these powers are diminished or blocked by outdated corporate structures & cultures.

As Agile leadership coach and Management 3.0 facilitator Marc applies his passion to support people, teams, and organisations to transform  the way they organise and manage work.

Creating environments where engaged employees create value for companies, customers, and society.

Marc has broad experience in enterprise wide change initiatives and Agile transformations in IT, marketing, HR and management.

He is certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach and SAFe practitioner, and furthermore has extensive Customer Experience expertise.

In his spare time Marc enjoys travel, reading, out door cooking, supporting his local football team and live in Amsterdam in general.