Sanja Radovanović

Chief of Marketing & PR at Polovniautomobili

Sanja Radovanović, Chief of Marketing & PR at polovniautomobili.com, graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, majoring in Marketing.

Her natural curiosity and passion for marketing have driven her diverse journey across various industries, from entertainment industry, film and cinema, through healthcare to Inspira Group and the largest Serbian digital car marketplace, site polovniautomobili.com, where she currently leads Marketing and PR department. Today, she is happy to contribute to prestigious advertising festivals in Serbia, such as UEPS and Effie Awards, as a jury member.

Working on a digital product kept her in line with current trends, and today she is excited to utilize her expertise in managing a brand that many equate as a “social network for men”. She is very proud of the fact that “Polovnjaci” created a special vibe and unique subculture in the digital space of the Balkans, recognizable and loved by millions!