Tomasz Staniak

VP of Product Movinga, Germany at Movinga

Tomasz Staniak 35, is leading the product department and the future of technical tools at Movinga. He has a strong technical and digital background and worked as CTO at Dot360 a polish start up which is specialized in “360 degrees” full service solutions. His passion for reading and publishing articles drives him in 2013 to co-found Openbooks.com, a startup which was revolutionising the ebook market with unique business model. After 3 years of working at Openbooks.com he leaves Poland to join the Berlin Start-up scene and starts working at Movinga a vertical integrated logistic tech company. He is currently working as a Vice President for Product and revolutionize a worldwide fragmented market with technical solutions to bring moving back into the 21th century based on automation and machine and deep learning algorithms.