Arto Joensuu

CEO & Founder at Working in Digital

Arto Joensuu is a digital change agent with over 20 years of professional experience across startups as well as large multinational corporations. His professional expertise lies within a profound understanding of the digital landscape and its impact on companies both small and large. Whether it’s about leading a large corporation into the digital era, or helping startups cross the tipping point, Joensuu has been there in the trenches and has the battle scars to prove it.

Throughout his career, he has held several leadership positions, ranging from pioneering in digital/mobile marketing at iobox/Terra Mobile during the late 90’s to spearheading the company wide digital strategy and execution at Nokia.

At dubizzle.com, Joensuu spearheaded a transformational re-branding initiative, which had profoundly positive implications across the entire company. This initiative led to a streamlined vision, common set of values and a cultural transformation that could serve as a platform for growth across the organization. He later continued as dubizzle’s CEO, leading the company’s monetization efforts, regional expansion, operational alignment with majority owner Naspers, as well as facilitating the early stage growth of classifieds spin-off Shedd.

Today, Arto Joensuu is the founder and CEO of Working in Digital, a network of digital change agents that invest in early stage startups and actively support these organizations as non-executive directors.

Current portfolio consists of:

-Soma: a disruptive blockchain based classifieds platform (https://soma.co/)

-Fuzu: an innovative learning/job platform for the emerging markets (www.fuzu.com)

-Golf GameBook: the driving force behind the digitalization of golf (www.golfgamebook.com)

-Sports Travel Group: providing unique travel experiences for golfers around the world (www.golftraveller.com)