Géza Palocsay

Managing Director at Schibsted Classified Media Hungary Kft.
Géza Palocsay, managing director of Schibsted Classified Media Hungary Kft., – which operates Jófogás and Használtautó.hu – started his career at the sales department of Sanoma Media Budapest Zrt., where for several years he had been responsible for the entire online sales strategy as the online advertising director of the publishing company, now called Centrál Media Group. The 38-year-old certified economist and businessman then took on a position at one of the leading companies in local e-commerce; Árukeres? in 2010, where he initially served as the International Sales Director before taking on the responsibilities of the position of Operational Director for the market leader portal in several countries.
Palocsay joined the Hungarian subsidiary of the Norway-based Schibsted Media Company in 2014: since taking over the duties of operating Jófogás and Használtautó.hu, the company has grown and strengthened. Thanks to the joint success achieved by a team that today boasts close to 100-members, Palocsay was placed number one on the list of “Top 25 – The Most Influential People on the Local Digital Market in Hungary” in 2017 and 2018.