Sami Honkonen

CEO at Tomorrow Tech

Sami Honkonen is the CEO of Tomorrow Tech. Tomorrow Tech builds digital products using blockchain and artificial intelligence. One of their biggest products is a trading platform for the residential real estate market using blockchain technology. They’ve built it together with banks and government officials.

Sami is also the host of Boss Level, a podcast that studies people and organizations that are breaking existing management and leadership paradigms. Guests of the podcast include Nobel laureate Bengt Holmström, US four-star general Stanley McChrystal, Spotify’s VP of Operations Simon Marcus, and many others.

Presentation topic : Blockchain-based trading platform for residential real estate

Presentation description :

Sami’s company Tomorrow Tech is building a digital blockchain-based trading platform for residential real estate. Using smart contracts, it allows real estate agents, banks and government entities to programmatially enforce all the steps involved in selling or buying a house or an apartment.

Sami will talk about digitizing real estate transactions and how blockchain can help with that.